Flying Dutchman Campaign

Adventure 005 - Into Winter’s Heart

“The void is the very embodiment of the unknown; a living, breathing darkness that hides whole worlds within its folds.”

–From ‘Travels in Darkness’ by the Relicartos Rynar Horran

The Explorers enter the Expanse chasing Hadarak Fel. After a visit to Footfall, to pick up significant others, they press on to the Magoros system deep within the area of space known as Winterscale’s Realm. The system, once part of the vanished Egarian Dominion, is the resting place of the Righteous Path. However the system is a large place and they must search its worlds for evidence of the vessel and a clue to its exact location. It is a search complicated by the presence of an unexpected threat: Orks. It seems the green menace has taken root in the system and poses an equal threat to both Hadarak and the Explorers. The PCs must then overcome both the treacherous Rogue Trader and the xenos peril.

They eventually, with the help of an ancient relic called the space needle find that the Righteous Path has crashed into the Halo, a ring of asteroids that surround the system. They take the ship in close, and with no sign of Fel take a lander down. They are ambushed by Fel troops as they make there way to the derelict, but have no real problems, so they press on into the ship.

The ship is a real mess, but deep into the lower deck they find an active shield sealing one of the holds, and the group heads to the bridge to shut it down. Unfortunately on the bridge they find 2 Fel Battle servitors. Although the fight is long, and many of the crew are badly hurt, they do succeed in stopping them, but whoever was controlling them managed to slip away during the fight.

In the aftermath the holds seals are dropped and a hugely valuable find of gems and valuable metals is found and taken as plunder.


Adventure 004 - Finding Mother
The Thing you do when Family is involved.

The story begins as the ’Kings Gambit" arrives and docks at Footfall. The docking goes smoothly and soon the Captain and Company exit the ship in order to quickly bring the Captains mother aboard under the protection of Kaiser. They are surprised that a larger than normal crowd seems to be taking interest in their docking.

First of the people is Liege of footfall Liege Tanthus Moross. Moross was an ill-tempered, machine-enhanced recidivist until he abruptly murdered the last Liege during a confrontation between factions in 808.M41. As Footfall’s Liege, Moross has lasted longer than most, perhaps because his horizons are narrow. He has shown little interest in attempting to control the port, and far greater regard for collecting bribes from factions who enjoy this state of affairs. He uses this wealth to purchase concubines from the Tutors and increasingly ornate augmentations. Moross is now almost a vehicle in human form. Suspicious minds wonder what is hidden behind this brute of a fgurehead—and whether he is truly as simple as he seems.

Greetings Captain. It’s good to have the Gambit back at Footfall. I was saddened when I heard of the horrid warp accident that befell your father and his crew on your last trip. Sad so sad, but alas I was surprised from my funk when words reached my ear that YOU would be replacing him as the King’s Gambits Lord Captain. I do want you to know that during your absence that I have personally seen that your families estate and warehouse remained unmolested by any of Footfalls citizens and I did this thing even though I did not receive the agreed on tribute. Even though such a set up would be coveted by any Rogue Trader who comes to the Kalixis Sector. But friends take care of one another, do they not? Yes…well here is the up to date billing. I have included the pay for your guardsmen over the last year as well, so desertion would not be an issue for you. You can bring it tonight at 8 when you and your friends come to dinner. Your mother looks so forward to seeing you again…

After anxious questions about her, the Liege continues; Ah yes, she is fine and in perfect heath. When those men came to my kingdom and were looking to harm my friends very own mother. Ah I had to act. My own men I sent to head off these scaly-wags and had her taken into my hoe where I have kept her safe for you. Alas my time with you has come to an end. Other business calls. With that he spins, and he and his people exit the hanger.

At that point there is still quite a crowd that begins to push forward until Gunk lets out a growl and jacks a clip into his blasta.

Captain gunk

The crowd goes dead silent and freezes in place. Then a shout goes up. He is the One! Then the crowd scatters and runs away. Gunk at that point reaches out and grabs a guy and presents him to the Captain. I got him for you.

Questioning however reveals little. It seems he wanted a job. However he did recognize some of them as True Path freaks. He says they been on the warpath of late constantly that He is coming. Guess one of you is He who comes.

At 8 sharp the group arrives at the Leige’s Estate. Picture a viewing post where explosives are tested. At least from the outside. Inside is a series of luxurious windowless chambers. Each room has the nicest furniture as well. There is also one other thing there are a lot of, that being attractive female slaves.

They are met at the door by a woman who identifies herself only as The Controller.Domme She hocked up all willing individuals with their own private slave to see to the needs of the Leige’s guests.

Once done they are escorted by the Controller to the dining hall and given their seats. The slaves get drinks. After drinks, Helena Fitzroy enters the room. She id dressed fabulously and looks quite well. After hugs and introductions she relates the following story.

Well, I have missed you Pooh since you left, but just after you left other things changed too. When ever another Trader was in port I would notice people, strangers watching me and my movements. Well that I could handle. Then word leaked that YOU were given the Warrant of Trade, well the creepy followers became even more so. And when someone broke into our apartment well I ran. I didn’t know who to go to so I went to the theater where I preformed. They told me that a bunch of armed ship-types were there looking for me. Well that put me totally in panic mode. So…

Captain s mommy

The Liege then adds…That is where I come into the picture. I knew there were thugs searching for the mother of my Dear Friend. This I would not let be. My personal enforcers enter the scene and offered your mother sanctuary, in my home. I knew my friend would be pleased that she were safe. I knew that my friend would find her safety a PRICELESS gift. A gift of such value, he could never fully be able to repay it. But I am your friend, and I could never take something of such little value as credits to repay such a valuable gift. I am also not a vindictive man who could hold it over his head. So we will settle this debt here and now. Footfall has a new problem, and this problem is one that my meager security force can not beat it into submission. Something Dark has come to Footfall. A ship arrived a month ago. It left off a single passenger. A hag of a woman. She sent word to me, SENT WORD to me, saying if I did not pay her a sum of credits, that she would destroy Footfall. I sent my Enforcers to well…remove the threat, but she disappeared into the Underside Passages before my men found her. So you, with your big ship, and your trained troops. That is how you can repay me. Find the Hag and her Deamon and kill them both! Simple Yes? You also should take an elite force who work as a well armed team. You should not warnher of your approach so she doesn’t flee.

Getting to the Underside is easy. Most known entry points have turned into camp sites for the unfortunates who no longer live on the Underside.



As they work their way deeper and deeper into the ship they all get the feeling their being watched and not alone. They see things at the edge of their vision, but it gone when they look. They then hear a growl, but can’t find the source, at first. Eventually when they go to check on a growl they find the remains of a dead Undersider. He has been mauled and mostly eaten. Finally the group is attacked by a herd of [One per 2 PC and NPC] Deamondogs.


Underside joe
The rest of the day is uneventful until an Old Man waders into the Camp. He seems crazy, but has no fear of the Hag, her daemon or the Daemon Dogs. His name turns out to be Underside Joe, a somewhat legendary occupant of Underside. He is also true to his legend in that he knows everything and everyone that’s in Underside. If bribed he will admit he knows of the “Hag, her puppies and her boy-toy” but the cost isn’t cheap. Finding out that she is working out of an old temple in a crashed Starship that has been here for centuries. That costs even more, and getting him to lead them their cost even more still.


Joe leads them deeper and deeper in Underside. First in hand dug tunnels and later down corridors that look to somewhat off quilter of being plum. Jack calls this his “short cut”. He also complains about people and how they smell. The clearer the person, the more he bitches at them.

Eventually they get to a spot where it appears the corridor ends in a wall of rock. He then leads them in to a side room where a triangular shaped light weight beam has opened a gash in the floor where it pokes through. a winch cable hangs next to it. Jaoe states; OK time to winch, or climb a bit. You gots to go one at a time. Neither the beam or the cable will take any more. Winch down to a little bottle neck where the cable goes through nuther hole. Foller it, and once through go the rest o the way down the cable till ya hit dirt. II’ll waggle da cable when I’m down and the rest of ya can foller one at a time. Dats very important.

Joe then grabs the cable and slides out of sight. A few minutes later it goes from taunt to loose, and then gets rattled back and forth. Then you hear howls from below.

The group is being attacked by 3 more Daemon-Dogs. 1 will arrive as the first player hits dirt and another one every other round after

Once the dust settles they find themselves in an old upside down cargo bay a ship called the “Heroics Destruction”. UJ pops out of a broken cargo container and starts walking deeper into the ship again.


14 cathedral   interior


As you slowly travel over the next few hours, the ship you trek through makes a slow turn until it once again right side up. It is then you reach the ship Cathedral. Inside is dark, and smells much fouler than the rest of your trip. Standing at the far end is they Hag you are looking for, a devil dog and a huge deamon. With a scream of Kill Them! the Hag disappears behind the alter as the Chaos folk charge to the attack.

Adventure 003 - Across a Storm-Wracked Sky

“Sailing the Maw is like gliding across a razors edge between a gale and a great swell; one wrong move and it will slice you open.”

–Dronim Halberat, Master Helmsman

The Gambit and crew are in a race to be the first to reach a long lost treasure said to lay at the far end. Two things stand in their immediate way. One is the Maw. A narrow passage from the Section of space their in, and the section of space where the treasure lies. The second is another Trader Captain named Hadarak Fel and his ship the Fel Hand.

The Temple

Our heroes have just left the Temple and are moving away, when approach the Maw through the warp, they will see the boiling rift where the Screaming Vortex and Void Dancer’s Roil meet. As they draw closer to the entrance, their Navigator will detect a gathering empyreal eddy across the ships passage, which may prove dangerous to their progress. They have the choice to press on or wait until it passes.

Choosing to brave on the calculations are made, their destination is set, and the King’s Gambit disappears into the Warp. True to the Navigator’s word the passage is very rough. The Geller-feld hammered by violent warp energy. Some of this energy oak into the vessel bringing with it nauseating visions and unnatural lethargy to a substantial amount of the crew.

Finally the ship arrives at The Witch-Cursed World

A Gathering of Wolves

After several days of travel, the Explorers reach the Battleground; the halfway point of their journey. The Battleground is one of the Maw’s waystations, an region of space cluttered with the wrecks and ancient debris of a long forgotten war.

Finally you have reached the Battleground and are nearing the halfway point of the Passage. A vast stretch of void, this region of space is named for the sea of gutted space hulks, twisted wrecks and ancient debris it contains. Remnants of a long forgotten war, the Battleground marks a common rest point for ships travelling into the Expanse.

Shortly after their arrival the Explorers will detect a weak salvation-beacon coming from a nearby debris feld. This beacon is from the Penitent Traveller, a pilgrim ship destined for holy sites within the Expanse.

As they approach the ship to render aid they find the reason for the wrecked ship. 2 Raider vessels power up and attack. It’s not much of fight. One of the small Raider ships is destroyed, and the other abandons his derelict friend and disappears into the debris field. They then continue to investigate the ship in distress.

The Penitent Traveller is a small battered transport vessel patched against the void and covered with religious iconography. Its sorry state of repairs and the recent attack of the pirates mean it is no longer capable of travel. The ship asks for a lift to Footfall, though they have little to offer in the way of wealth other than the derelict ship, but it will take time to do this so they simply let the crew ride along.

A quick jump then brings them to The Hermitage

The Final stop is the Furibundus jump point.

“A lamp of fervour shines upon the white gate
Not held by the greatest saint to mark the way
But hung alone to banish enfolding shadows
That beset the Emperor’s true servant upon the fated path”

–Translated from the prophetic verses of Abenicus

[Total Acheivment Award 500/700/900]

The light of Furibundus marks the far side of the Great Warp Storms and the beginning of the Koronus Expanse. It is a huge and primal stellar mass, far brighter and more energetic than any star should be. Its fres rage so fercely that the cataclysmic energies unleashed within cause vast bulges of burning plasma to distend Furibundus’s form, writhing as though immense beasts fght within. The outer envelope constantly tears and ripples, throwing off huge flaming masses into the near voids. Furibundus is surrounded by shells of remnant gas expanding outward, each a remnant of the star’s outermost layers.

The Imperial presence around Furibundus clusters in two locations: the stonework void-settlement of Footfall, and the Adeptus Mechanicus temple of Altar-Templum-Calixis-Ext-17. Footfall’s ornate, tethered structures orbit at a suffcient distance from the star to be safe from the lethal ribbons of solar plasma, and for void-ships to operate with little impediment. Further inwards, close to the primal roar of Furibundus, there is a planet set in a frantic orbit and blasted to molten rock over and again by its proximity to the bloated star. The only way it can be seen is by the shadow it casts on the movement of plasma-ribbons. This is Altar-Templum-Calixis-Ext-17, and it is here that the Mechanicus hide a heavily shielded fortress-temple, within which Tech-Priests study the secrets of this furious star.

WELCOME TO THE Kronus Expanse




Adventure 002 - Port Wander

You have come to Port Wander in search of trade, profit, and most important of all, glory. Perched on the edge of the Calixis Sector, in the far reaches of the Drusian Marches, Port Wander is the gateway to the Koronus Expanse and the vast untamed void beyond. The station itself hangs massive and silent in the baleful light of Rubycon II, surrounded by the shattered remnants of ancient asteroids and serviced by a flotilla of Imperial vessels both large and small.

Port wander

Upon your arrival you have been greeted by several formal envoys and salutations from both the Imperial Authority and other Rogue Traders, welcoming your dynasty to port and honoring your right to passage. This kind of reception is one you have grown used to and is no less than you would expect. However, one vox message stands out and demands your attention. Recorded in your dynasty’s personal cipher, the message is from a man who calls himself Orbest dray Orbest Dray. He says he has been waiting a long time fora member of the family line to return, and carries a message and a gift from your Rogue Trader’s great-grandfather. He would meet with you as soon as you have docked at a specified location in the Court of the Dead; Port Wander’s vast markets. It is a matter, he say, that promises great glory.

From there things got a little rough as another Rogue Trader by the name of Hadarak Fel’s attack thugs make an attempt to take the mnemolith. Even though he is stopped from taking the actual item, Lady ash Lady Ash, a servant of Hadarak reads the astropathic message and learns
the clues it contains.

In under 2 minutes the Imperial Authorities will arrive in the form of a dozen strong Adeptus Arbites patrol and any surviving armsmen will surrender. The leader of the patrol is Targos Targos, a heavyset Arbitrator-Sergeant with little in the way of either humour or imagination. After surveying the scene, he will question the Explorers about the attack, though this is only a formality as such random acts of violence are all too common in port and seldom investigated. Given the status of the Explorers, Targos will take some interest and kindly ask them to accompany him to the Adeptus Arbites’ Precinct Complex that he might help to uncover the identity of the

If they follow Targos to the Precinct Complex, an imposing and starkly unpleasant place, they will be shown to the offces of Kyra valkyran Precept-Marshall Kyra Valkyran. The Marshall will be more annoyed to see them than anything else, but will listen to whatever they have to say. She has to deal with this kind of thing every day: nobles sabotaging each other’s functions, merchants killing each other’s suppliers and traders starting fghts over bets and brags. Things the navy has no interest in as long as it doesn’t spill over into their parts of the station or endanger their crews or vessels.

With information, she will be able to identify their attackers as servants of the Fel Rogue Trader Dynasty and members of the crew of one Hadarak Fel. However, there is no way to prove that they were acting on his orders and without solid evidence she cannot act against Hadarak, as his Warrant of Trade protects him from such minor crimes. Even the word of another Rogue Trader will not be enough. All she can do is warn them to be on their guard and offer a promise of swift intervention by her men in the case of further hostilities.

Orbest Dray (who has taken it upon himself to join the Explorers) will recognise the name Hadarak fel Hadarak Fel and be able to tell the Explorers that Dray once worked contacts with his old captain, Karlorn. He can only assume that Hadarak learned of the mnemolith’s existence, and wanted to find the Righteous Path for himself.

Turning to the mnemolith they will be able to unlock its astropathic message. More a mind vision than anything else, the message will show the viewer a stellar location; a flickering star surrounded by a nebula and vast stretches of void, circled by a dust world and a frozen halo. From this information the Explorers will need to find the exact location of the system the message depicts.

They see 3 possible sources for the information they are;

  • Imperial Navy or Administratum for records, but may not be fast enough for such a trader who has been out of the game so long
  • They can seek out void-farers familiar with the Expanse, but again it could take a very long time, and is VERY blatant, too blatant.
  • They can find a master map maker, and Orbest knows of Magnate Scrivener Journ Journ map maker in the Chambers of Gold. Journ agrees to sell the Explorers a chart showing the system’s location, and furthermore offers to keep the matter confdential (a service he provides to all his clients). However, the Explorers must first agree to carry out a small contract for him. Journ wants to send some proscribed texts to a contact he has in Footfall for safe keeping. The volumes are not actually heretical, but with recent Ecclesiarchy purges, he would feel better if they were somewhere safer.

Shortly after this, they are met personally contacted by Hadarak, who is interested in getting the measure of his competition and challenging them to a race through the Koronus Passage, and well the prize is waiting at the end need not be mentioned.

The section concludes with the Explorers departing for the Passage.

Adventure 001 - Vaults of the Forgotten

“There are places in the Dominion where even old Winterscale himself dared not tread. Sure, his Writ of Claim said he could, but he didn’t. Maybe you’d be best to follow his example, friend”

– Cold Trader Mad Kal (retired)

For many centuries, the curious, the avaricious, and the downright foolish have been drawn to the deathly worlds of the Egarian Dominion to seek their fortunes amongst the ruins of a long-dead civilisation. Though no more than a handful have ever returned, untold numbers make the perilous journey each year. Some seek the dubious fortunes of the Cold Trade or forbidden lore, while some seek communion with powers long extinct from the galaxy.

That did not happen. The Kings Gambit returned just as planned. It reentered the system as planned. It approached the planet in silence. No vox signals were responded too. It docked in the families birth at the orbital station without error. The maneuvering was flawless. All tethers and docking clasps were fastened, but still no signal from within. Only silence. Like the silence of a tomb.

The ship sat sealed.

During the next several months, the Kaiser Clan began to frantically hire a new crew. All of you were contacted to interview for key positions. A new mysterious Captain is brought in to Command the vessel and train the Kaiser’s daughter until she can command. A great deal of the once vast Kaiser fortune is depleted to make these arrangements in so short a time, but the ship remained sealed. Sealed as if waiting. Waiting for something, or maybe someone.


One by one each of the new Command crew were interviewed, and hired to fill their post with the understanding that they could be fired by the Captain or the Owenrs representative, Katherine Kaiser at anytime for any reason if they felt it necessary.

Exploring the King’s Gambit

Once the crew is assembled and ready, a breaching team is hired and travels with them up toward the Gambit, which is docked in the permanent birth the family owes on the orbital station above the planet.

The breach team sits disusing the best way to breach, when a docking port extends from the vehicles midsection docking tether extends. “it’s like its welcoming us in.” Jade the leader of the Captains new bodyguards says.

The first day is spent walking from an empty cargo bay to the ships engine room and finally starting toward the bridge. The night is spent in long abandoned crew quarters. The next morning they finish the hike. They find the bridge in the same condition the only thing out of the normal is they find the previous Captains ring on the arm of the command chair. As soon as the new Captain places it on, every system starts n the ship.

Final Briefing.

On the evening before launch Lady Kaiser invites the Captain and Crew to her home for a going away dinner. Once finished they bare all served a remarkable brandy that has recently been brought back by another trader in the families fleet. She raises her glass and says;

“To all of you. May your voyage be smooth, profitable and other wise uneventful.” And with that she drinks, and continues; “Now I won’t lie to you. Our house has been on a hard slide for the last year. Our coffers are virtually empty. It has cost me a ship of our fleet, so I didn’t loose everything. So this voyage needs to turn a vast profit or in the year I will be making arrangements to sell the writ & the Gambit. The money we get for those will keep myself, my daughter and most likely her children well off for all our lives, but I will give you the year to prove to me that you can crew the Gambit and be profitable. I do have your first lead for you. One of our agents on Port Warder. I believe his name is in the ship cogitator. He will note when you arrive at Port Warder. On the following day at noon, he will meet you in the local peasants market. He says he has a very profitable lead for the family. He’s been sending messages for the last two months trying to find out when the King was coming through, but alas I could not tell him. His last message set up the terms I just relayed to you. So….For the next year get out there and earn, earn, earn. Drop off your profits at ur warehouse on Port Warder. Other smaller ships will pick it up from there and take it to where it will make us the best profit. But after the year return here and new contracts will be writen up, if I feel you have done a good enough job to continue using the Gambit, or possibly a change in Captain. Well only time will tell us that. So good voyages, and good night.


The Story of thr Rightous Path

“A Rogue Trader lives and dies by the strength of his deeds.”
– Vos Karlorn, Lord-Captain of the Emperor’s Testament

The story of the Righteous Path begins over two and a half thousand years ago, during the time of Drusus and the great Angevin Crusade. The stalwart forces of the Imperium were sweeping across the region of space that would one day become the Calixis sector, pushing the enemies of the God-Emperor before them and bringing light to worlds lost for centuries to darkness. Among their number was Lorcanus Ryn, a great warlord and free-captain, flled with bloodlust and greed but also an unwavering faith in Drusus and the Emperor. At the helm of his grand-cruiser, the Righteous Path, he was the scourge of a hundred worlds, carving out a bloody path before him as the crusade conquered world after world.

One such world was Krystallian. Recorded as the 73rd world brought to the light of the Emperor by the crusade, it was (so the story goes) an ancient colony of man which had long ago fallen to the heretical worship of false gods and the teachings of treacherous prophets known as the Talisar. Covered in glittering cloud temples, raised by the Talisar to the glory of the Myriad of Faces, it was a world of immense wealth and blasphemous grandeur. It was, however, no match for the might of the Imperial armies led by Lorcanus Ryn. The warlord descended on Krystallian, flled with the righteous wrath of the Emperor, sweeping away a thousand years of civilization in three days of fire and blood. When the killing was done, and the corpse counters began gathering up the detritus of war, Lorcanus Ryn marvelled at the riches he had won. Never before had he seen such naked wealth; temples packed high with artifacts of rare and wondrous make, statues gilt with gems and glittering with gold, and shadowed vaults of forgotten and forbidden archeotech

Here the story varies from teller to teller. Some say the wealth of Krystallian was more than rare metals and precious stones, but that its people were also a prize; bred from a stock of pure genetic material and spared from centuries of warp-taint, they were bundled into stasis coffins and taken away to be trained as elite warriors or highborn servants. Others whisper that Krystallian was settled during the Dark Age of Technology and still harboured devices from that time within its cities and temples, secrets worth more than the raw mineral wealth or combined populations of a hundred worlds.

Whatever the form of Krystallian’s wealth, Lorcanus was not content merely to sample it, nor did he trust his fellow crusaders to carry it away. So he set about flling the Righteous Path from stern to ram. He tore out gun decks and launch bays, marooned thousands of his crew and stripped away the vessel’s innards until she was bursting with plunder. The warlord then vanished into the warp and from the pages of history.

Over the centuries there have been many expeditions to fnd the Righteous Path. At the time of its disappearance, members of the crusade quested after the lost vessel. Later, free-traders, adventurers and Imperial servants have all tried to fnd its resting place. Many believe the vessel is lost forever, sunken beneath the tides of the warp or smashed to pieces and scattered across space and time. Krystallian, however, was rumoured to have once existed on the trailing edge of what is now the Calixis Sector only a short span of light-years from the Maw. This has led some old void-farers to speculate that Lorcanus Ryn and his ship were caught in the tides of the storms that plague the Koronus Passage and dragged out deep into the Expanse. Many believe it to be lost forever…

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