Flying Dutchman Campaign

Adventure 004 - Finding Mother

The Thing you do when Family is involved.

The story begins as the ’Kings Gambit" arrives and docks at Footfall. The docking goes smoothly and soon the Captain and Company exit the ship in order to quickly bring the Captains mother aboard under the protection of Kaiser. They are surprised that a larger than normal crowd seems to be taking interest in their docking.

First of the people is Liege of footfall Liege Tanthus Moross. Moross was an ill-tempered, machine-enhanced recidivist until he abruptly murdered the last Liege during a confrontation between factions in 808.M41. As Footfall’s Liege, Moross has lasted longer than most, perhaps because his horizons are narrow. He has shown little interest in attempting to control the port, and far greater regard for collecting bribes from factions who enjoy this state of affairs. He uses this wealth to purchase concubines from the Tutors and increasingly ornate augmentations. Moross is now almost a vehicle in human form. Suspicious minds wonder what is hidden behind this brute of a fgurehead—and whether he is truly as simple as he seems.

Greetings Captain. It’s good to have the Gambit back at Footfall. I was saddened when I heard of the horrid warp accident that befell your father and his crew on your last trip. Sad so sad, but alas I was surprised from my funk when words reached my ear that YOU would be replacing him as the King’s Gambits Lord Captain. I do want you to know that during your absence that I have personally seen that your families estate and warehouse remained unmolested by any of Footfalls citizens and I did this thing even though I did not receive the agreed on tribute. Even though such a set up would be coveted by any Rogue Trader who comes to the Kalixis Sector. But friends take care of one another, do they not? Yes…well here is the up to date billing. I have included the pay for your guardsmen over the last year as well, so desertion would not be an issue for you. You can bring it tonight at 8 when you and your friends come to dinner. Your mother looks so forward to seeing you again…

After anxious questions about her, the Liege continues; Ah yes, she is fine and in perfect heath. When those men came to my kingdom and were looking to harm my friends very own mother. Ah I had to act. My own men I sent to head off these scaly-wags and had her taken into my hoe where I have kept her safe for you. Alas my time with you has come to an end. Other business calls. With that he spins, and he and his people exit the hanger.

At that point there is still quite a crowd that begins to push forward until Gunk lets out a growl and jacks a clip into his blasta.

Captain gunk

The crowd goes dead silent and freezes in place. Then a shout goes up. He is the One! Then the crowd scatters and runs away. Gunk at that point reaches out and grabs a guy and presents him to the Captain. I got him for you.

Questioning however reveals little. It seems he wanted a job. However he did recognize some of them as True Path freaks. He says they been on the warpath of late constantly that He is coming. Guess one of you is He who comes.

At 8 sharp the group arrives at the Leige’s Estate. Picture a viewing post where explosives are tested. At least from the outside. Inside is a series of luxurious windowless chambers. Each room has the nicest furniture as well. There is also one other thing there are a lot of, that being attractive female slaves.

They are met at the door by a woman who identifies herself only as The Controller.Domme She hocked up all willing individuals with their own private slave to see to the needs of the Leige’s guests.

Once done they are escorted by the Controller to the dining hall and given their seats. The slaves get drinks. After drinks, Helena Fitzroy enters the room. She id dressed fabulously and looks quite well. After hugs and introductions she relates the following story.

Well, I have missed you Pooh since you left, but just after you left other things changed too. When ever another Trader was in port I would notice people, strangers watching me and my movements. Well that I could handle. Then word leaked that YOU were given the Warrant of Trade, well the creepy followers became even more so. And when someone broke into our apartment well I ran. I didn’t know who to go to so I went to the theater where I preformed. They told me that a bunch of armed ship-types were there looking for me. Well that put me totally in panic mode. So…

Captain s mommy

The Liege then adds…That is where I come into the picture. I knew there were thugs searching for the mother of my Dear Friend. This I would not let be. My personal enforcers enter the scene and offered your mother sanctuary, in my home. I knew my friend would be pleased that she were safe. I knew that my friend would find her safety a PRICELESS gift. A gift of such value, he could never fully be able to repay it. But I am your friend, and I could never take something of such little value as credits to repay such a valuable gift. I am also not a vindictive man who could hold it over his head. So we will settle this debt here and now. Footfall has a new problem, and this problem is one that my meager security force can not beat it into submission. Something Dark has come to Footfall. A ship arrived a month ago. It left off a single passenger. A hag of a woman. She sent word to me, SENT WORD to me, saying if I did not pay her a sum of credits, that she would destroy Footfall. I sent my Enforcers to well…remove the threat, but she disappeared into the Underside Passages before my men found her. So you, with your big ship, and your trained troops. That is how you can repay me. Find the Hag and her Deamon and kill them both! Simple Yes? You also should take an elite force who work as a well armed team. You should not warnher of your approach so she doesn’t flee.

Getting to the Underside is easy. Most known entry points have turned into camp sites for the unfortunates who no longer live on the Underside.



As they work their way deeper and deeper into the ship they all get the feeling their being watched and not alone. They see things at the edge of their vision, but it gone when they look. They then hear a growl, but can’t find the source, at first. Eventually when they go to check on a growl they find the remains of a dead Undersider. He has been mauled and mostly eaten. Finally the group is attacked by a herd of [One per 2 PC and NPC] Deamondogs.


Underside joe
The rest of the day is uneventful until an Old Man waders into the Camp. He seems crazy, but has no fear of the Hag, her daemon or the Daemon Dogs. His name turns out to be Underside Joe, a somewhat legendary occupant of Underside. He is also true to his legend in that he knows everything and everyone that’s in Underside. If bribed he will admit he knows of the “Hag, her puppies and her boy-toy” but the cost isn’t cheap. Finding out that she is working out of an old temple in a crashed Starship that has been here for centuries. That costs even more, and getting him to lead them their cost even more still.


Joe leads them deeper and deeper in Underside. First in hand dug tunnels and later down corridors that look to somewhat off quilter of being plum. Jack calls this his “short cut”. He also complains about people and how they smell. The clearer the person, the more he bitches at them.

Eventually they get to a spot where it appears the corridor ends in a wall of rock. He then leads them in to a side room where a triangular shaped light weight beam has opened a gash in the floor where it pokes through. a winch cable hangs next to it. Jaoe states; OK time to winch, or climb a bit. You gots to go one at a time. Neither the beam or the cable will take any more. Winch down to a little bottle neck where the cable goes through nuther hole. Foller it, and once through go the rest o the way down the cable till ya hit dirt. II’ll waggle da cable when I’m down and the rest of ya can foller one at a time. Dats very important.

Joe then grabs the cable and slides out of sight. A few minutes later it goes from taunt to loose, and then gets rattled back and forth. Then you hear howls from below.

The group is being attacked by 3 more Daemon-Dogs. 1 will arrive as the first player hits dirt and another one every other round after

Once the dust settles they find themselves in an old upside down cargo bay a ship called the “Heroics Destruction”. UJ pops out of a broken cargo container and starts walking deeper into the ship again.


14 cathedral   interior


As you slowly travel over the next few hours, the ship you trek through makes a slow turn until it once again right side up. It is then you reach the ship Cathedral. Inside is dark, and smells much fouler than the rest of your trip. Standing at the far end is they Hag you are looking for, a devil dog and a huge deamon. With a scream of Kill Them! the Hag disappears behind the alter as the Chaos folk charge to the attack.



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