Flying Dutchman Campaign

Adventure 005 - Into Winter’s Heart

“The void is the very embodiment of the unknown; a living, breathing darkness that hides whole worlds within its folds.”

–From ‘Travels in Darkness’ by the Relicartos Rynar Horran

The Explorers enter the Expanse chasing Hadarak Fel. After a visit to Footfall, to pick up significant others, they press on to the Magoros system deep within the area of space known as Winterscale’s Realm. The system, once part of the vanished Egarian Dominion, is the resting place of the Righteous Path. However the system is a large place and they must search its worlds for evidence of the vessel and a clue to its exact location. It is a search complicated by the presence of an unexpected threat: Orks. It seems the green menace has taken root in the system and poses an equal threat to both Hadarak and the Explorers. The PCs must then overcome both the treacherous Rogue Trader and the xenos peril.

They eventually, with the help of an ancient relic called the space needle find that the Righteous Path has crashed into the Halo, a ring of asteroids that surround the system. They take the ship in close, and with no sign of Fel take a lander down. They are ambushed by Fel troops as they make there way to the derelict, but have no real problems, so they press on into the ship.

The ship is a real mess, but deep into the lower deck they find an active shield sealing one of the holds, and the group heads to the bridge to shut it down. Unfortunately on the bridge they find 2 Fel Battle servitors. Although the fight is long, and many of the crew are badly hurt, they do succeed in stopping them, but whoever was controlling them managed to slip away during the fight.

In the aftermath the holds seals are dropped and a hugely valuable find of gems and valuable metals is found and taken as plunder.




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