Flying Dutchman Campaign

Adventure 002 - Port Wander

You have come to Port Wander in search of trade, profit, and most important of all, glory. Perched on the edge of the Calixis Sector, in the far reaches of the Drusian Marches, Port Wander is the gateway to the Koronus Expanse and the vast untamed void beyond. The station itself hangs massive and silent in the baleful light of Rubycon II, surrounded by the shattered remnants of ancient asteroids and serviced by a flotilla of Imperial vessels both large and small.

Port wander

Upon your arrival you have been greeted by several formal envoys and salutations from both the Imperial Authority and other Rogue Traders, welcoming your dynasty to port and honoring your right to passage. This kind of reception is one you have grown used to and is no less than you would expect. However, one vox message stands out and demands your attention. Recorded in your dynasty’s personal cipher, the message is from a man who calls himself Orbest dray Orbest Dray. He says he has been waiting a long time fora member of the family line to return, and carries a message and a gift from your Rogue Trader’s great-grandfather. He would meet with you as soon as you have docked at a specified location in the Court of the Dead; Port Wander’s vast markets. It is a matter, he say, that promises great glory.

From there things got a little rough as another Rogue Trader by the name of Hadarak Fel’s attack thugs make an attempt to take the mnemolith. Even though he is stopped from taking the actual item, Lady ash Lady Ash, a servant of Hadarak reads the astropathic message and learns
the clues it contains.

In under 2 minutes the Imperial Authorities will arrive in the form of a dozen strong Adeptus Arbites patrol and any surviving armsmen will surrender. The leader of the patrol is Targos Targos, a heavyset Arbitrator-Sergeant with little in the way of either humour or imagination. After surveying the scene, he will question the Explorers about the attack, though this is only a formality as such random acts of violence are all too common in port and seldom investigated. Given the status of the Explorers, Targos will take some interest and kindly ask them to accompany him to the Adeptus Arbites’ Precinct Complex that he might help to uncover the identity of the

If they follow Targos to the Precinct Complex, an imposing and starkly unpleasant place, they will be shown to the offces of Kyra valkyran Precept-Marshall Kyra Valkyran. The Marshall will be more annoyed to see them than anything else, but will listen to whatever they have to say. She has to deal with this kind of thing every day: nobles sabotaging each other’s functions, merchants killing each other’s suppliers and traders starting fghts over bets and brags. Things the navy has no interest in as long as it doesn’t spill over into their parts of the station or endanger their crews or vessels.

With information, she will be able to identify their attackers as servants of the Fel Rogue Trader Dynasty and members of the crew of one Hadarak Fel. However, there is no way to prove that they were acting on his orders and without solid evidence she cannot act against Hadarak, as his Warrant of Trade protects him from such minor crimes. Even the word of another Rogue Trader will not be enough. All she can do is warn them to be on their guard and offer a promise of swift intervention by her men in the case of further hostilities.

Orbest Dray (who has taken it upon himself to join the Explorers) will recognise the name Hadarak fel Hadarak Fel and be able to tell the Explorers that Dray once worked contacts with his old captain, Karlorn. He can only assume that Hadarak learned of the mnemolith’s existence, and wanted to find the Righteous Path for himself.

Turning to the mnemolith they will be able to unlock its astropathic message. More a mind vision than anything else, the message will show the viewer a stellar location; a flickering star surrounded by a nebula and vast stretches of void, circled by a dust world and a frozen halo. From this information the Explorers will need to find the exact location of the system the message depicts.

They see 3 possible sources for the information they are;

  • Imperial Navy or Administratum for records, but may not be fast enough for such a trader who has been out of the game so long
  • They can seek out void-farers familiar with the Expanse, but again it could take a very long time, and is VERY blatant, too blatant.
  • They can find a master map maker, and Orbest knows of Magnate Scrivener Journ Journ map maker in the Chambers of Gold. Journ agrees to sell the Explorers a chart showing the system’s location, and furthermore offers to keep the matter confdential (a service he provides to all his clients). However, the Explorers must first agree to carry out a small contract for him. Journ wants to send some proscribed texts to a contact he has in Footfall for safe keeping. The volumes are not actually heretical, but with recent Ecclesiarchy purges, he would feel better if they were somewhere safer.

Shortly after this, they are met personally contacted by Hadarak, who is interested in getting the measure of his competition and challenging them to a race through the Koronus Passage, and well the prize is waiting at the end need not be mentioned.

The section concludes with the Explorers departing for the Passage.



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