Father Curwen Drake

Bombastic missionary


Player: NPC
Home World: Guided by His Fury, Battle Fleet
Birthright: Stubjack
Career Path: Missionary
Current Career: Rank 1

Weapon Skill – 49
Ballistic Skill – 35
Strength – 35
Toughness – 31
Agility – 37
Intelligence – 37
Perception – 29
Willpower – 49
Fellowship – 49

Wounds – 10
Total XP – 5000
Spent XP – 5000
Lift Weight –
Carry Weight –
Push Weight –
Full Move –
Half Move –
Charge –
Run –
Jump –
Leap -

Corruption Points – n/a
Corruption Degree – n/a
Malignancies – n/a

Insanity Points – 1
Insanity Degree – n/a
Disorders – n/a

Face of the Enemy (-10% to social interactions with Void pirates)
Officer on Deck (+5% to any Command rolls made on board a ship)
Ship Bound Fighter (-2 to Initiative, 2x range penalties when in the open planet-side)

Basic Weapon Training (Universal), Hatred (Void Pirates), Leap Up, Melee Weapon Training (Universal), Peer (Ecclesiarchy), Pure Faith, Quick Draw, Unshakable Faith

Awareness, Common Lore (Imperial Creed, Imperial Navy, Imperium), Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Heresy), Intimidate, Medicae, Pilot Space Craft, Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed), Speak Battle Fleet War Cant, Speak High Gothic, Speak Low Gothic

Good-quality Chain Sword (1d10+5R, 2 pen, Tearing, Reliable, adds 5% WS)
Good-quality Flamer (1d10+4E, 2 pen, 6 clip, 2 full rounds reload, Flame, Reliable)
Best-quality Guard Flak Armor (5AP to all locations, 6AP vs. Blast weapons)
Reliquary of Saint Drusus (+20% when dealing with Ecclesiarchy)
Micro-bead communicator


Father Curwen Drake is a preacher born aboard the Guided by His Fury, a cruiser of Battle Fleet Calixus. He’s very passionate about his faith, and has little patience for those who feel that the Emperor owes them something. He’s surprisingly blunt and matter-of-fact at times, but he does recognize the value to high ceremony in inspiring the masses. When providing guidance or his services as a confessor, Father Drake cuts to the chase and isn’t afraid to give his advice loud & dirty, so it sticks. His “crass” manner might offend some high-born souls, but his zeal for the Emperor drives him on nonetheless. He’s more than likely going to join Dr. Ustinov’s gambling circle when it starts up. He’s good at reading people, and it makes him a good card player.

Father Curwen Drake

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