Hag's Demon


WS 36, BS -, ST 36, TO 40 (8), AG 45, IN 14, PE 45, WP 42, FE -.

Movement: 8/16/24/48 Wounds: 18

  • Skills: Dodge (Ag), Psyniscience (Per), Concealment (Ag) +20, Silent Move (Ag) +20.
  • Talents: Heightened Senses (all), Swift Attack, Lightning Attack.
  • Traits: Consume Life†, Daemonic (TB 8), Dark Sight, Daemonic Presence, Fear (2), Flyer (12), From Beyond, Hard Target, Phase, Toxic, Unnatural Agility (×2), Unnatural Speed (×2), Warp Instability.
  • Daemonic Presence: All creatures within 20 metres take a –10 penalty to Willpower Tests as the air seems to darken, the temperature plunges and savage whispers echo from the shadows.
  • Consume Life: For every sentient, living creature the Ebon Giest kills it immediately recovers 1d5 lost Wounds (this cannot take it above its starting total).
  • Weapons: Chill talons (1d10+3 R, Tearing, Toxic, Warp Weapon

Hag's Demon

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