Jayne Vance

Captain Kaiser's personal pilot


Home World: Footfall
Birthright: Scavenger
Career Path: Void Master
Current Career: 1st Rank

Weapon Skill – 35
Ballistic Skill – 30
Strength – 30
Toughness – 30
Agility – 55
Intelligence – 44
Perception – 36
Willpower – 38
Fellowship – 46

Wounds – 9
Total XP – 5000
Spent XP – 5000
Lift Weight –
Carry Weight –
Push Weight –
Full Move –
Half Move –
Charge –
Run –
Jump –
Leap -

Corruption Points – n/a
Corruption Degree – n/a
Malignancies – n/a

Insanity Points – 4
Insanity Degree – n/a
Disorders – n/a

Street Knowledge (Penalty of 5% to scholastic knowledge that doesn’t involve the Expanse)
Brook no Insult (Has to make a WP roll to let an affront to her honor pass unanswered)

Enemy (Ecclesiarchy), Melee Weapon Training (Universal), Peer (Workers), Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Polyglot, Nerves of Steel, Resistance (Fear), Rival (Inquisition)

Awareness, Common Lore (Imperial Navy, Koronus Expanse, War), Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Xenos), Navigation (Stellar), Pilot (Flyer, Space Craft), Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (Astromancy), Scrutiny, Speak Low Gothic

Best-Quality Mono-Sword (10% bonus to WP, 1d10+3R, 2 penetration, Balanced)
Best-Quality Hand Cannon w/ Amputators (35m, S/-/-, 1d10+6I, 2 penetration, 5 clip, Reliable+)
Guard Flak Armor (4AP to all locations, 5AP vs. Blast weapons)
Micro-bead, void suit, blessed ship token, re-breather, her father’s Imperial Navy uniform, 2 bottles of amasec (brandy), pict-recorder, vox-caster, case of Amputator rounds for Hand Cannon, backpack, chrono, clip / drop harness, survival suit, data slate, lamp pack, grapnel, magnoculars


Jayne’s father (Lieutenant Saul Vance) was an honorable officer in the Imperial Navy whose ship (the Imperial Decree) became embroiled in a scandal when her captain attempted to go rogue. Her father joined the loyalist mutineers who killed the captain and brought the ship back to Battlefleet Koronus. Sadly, his record was tarnished by the incident, and the by over-zealous Inquisitorial review that followed. After mustering out the the Navy, he settled on Footfall, where he met Jayne’s mother. Jayne’s mom died while she was young, and her father was a hard-working shift manager on the docks.

Jayne eventually got a job on the docks herself, piloting Arvus-class lighters to shuttle cargo to and from Rogue Trader vessels docked at Footfall. She was involved with Martin Kaiser before he learned of his brithright. When the time came for Martin to leave Footfall with his father, Jayne’s father was desperately sick, and she couldn’t leave him, despite Martin’s attempts to convince them both to crew on the King’s Gambit. It seems her father had long ago sworn an oath to the God-Emperor to never again set foot on a starship. The two parted on reasonable terms. Six months later, her father succumbed to the alien sickness that was ravaging him. When the King’s Gambit returned to Footfall, it was with mixed feelings that Jayne accepted Lord Captain Martin Kaiser’s invitation to crew for him.

Jayne Vance

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