Katyaina Morningstar



Player: Melissa
Home World: Void Born
Birthright: Vaunted
Career Path: Duty to Dyansty, High Vendetta, Pride
Current Career: Navigator

Weapon Skill – 34
Ballistic Skill – 33
Strength – 34
Toughness – 30
Agility – 36
Intelligence – 40
Perception – 50
Willpower – 55
Fellowship – 34

Wounds – 11
Total XP – 5000
Spent XP – 5000
Lift Weight –
Carry Weight –
Push Weight –
Full Move –
Half Move –
Charge –
Run –
Jump –
Leap -

Corruption Points – n/a
Corruption Degree – n/a
Malignancies – n/a

Insanity Points – n/a
Insanity Degree – n/a
Disorders – n/a


Die Hard, Navigator, Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)

Awareness, Common Lore (Navis Nobilite), Forbidden Lore (Navigators, Warp), Inquiry, Literacy, Navigation (Stellar, Warp), Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (Astromancy), Secret Tongue (Navigator), Speak High Gothic, Speak Low Gothic, Speak Ship Dialect, Trade (Astrographer)

From a Magisterial House
Warp Focus (A force a single opponent to reroll a successful resistance roll vs. her gaze)
Pure Genes (Gain a 20 bonus when making a resist mutation check)
Exalted Lineage (
10 bonus to Interactions with Imperial Nobility)
Eyes Black as the Void (mutation)
The Lidless Stare (Navigator power)
A Cloud in the Warp (Navigator power)

Best-craftsmanship HELpistol, best-craftsmanship metal staff, best-craftsmanship xeno-mesh armor, Emperor’s tarot deck, silk headscarf, Nobilite robes, charm, micro-bead


Katyaina Morningstar

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