Nathanael "Nate" Sutter

Eccentric Twist Catcher


Player: CB
Home World: Death World (Red Watch)
Birthright: Stubjack
Career Path: Dark Visionary, the Hand of War, Endurance
Current Career: Arch Militant

Weapon Skill – 47
Ballistic Skill – 50
Strength – 50
Toughness – 46
Agility – 42
Intelligence – 36
Perception – 37
Willpower – 35
Fellowship – 25

Wounds – 17
Total XP – 5000
Spent XP – 5000
Lift Weight –
Carry Weight –
Push Weight –
Full Move –
Half Move –
Charge –
Run –
Jump –
Leap -

Corruption Points – 0
Corruption Degree – n/a
Malignancies – n/a

Insanity Points – 6
Insanity Degree – n/a
Disorders – n/a

Suffers a -10 to Fellowship tests made in formal surroundings

Gains a +10 bonus to resist Pinning and Shock

Face of the Enemy
Suffers a -10 penalty to fellowship tests made with Chaos worshipers

Ambidextrous, Basic Weapon Training (Universal), Dark Soul, Hatred (Chaos Worshipers), Jaded, Leap Up, Melee Weapon Training (Universal), Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Quick Draw, Sound Constitution x1, Thrown Weapon Training (Universal)

Awareness, Common Lore (War), Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Mutants), Intimidate, Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Secret Tongue (Military), Speak Low Gothic, Survival



Nate hails from Red Watch, a Death World filled with dangerous predators and radioactive lowlands. Mutants (“Twists,” Nate calls them) are common on Red Watch, and are often used to mine the power metals that the planet is valued for. When he was younger, Nate served a term or two in Red Watch’s Planetary Defense Force (PDF), and was involved in putting down several mutant uprisings. Red Watch Command eventually learned that these uprisings were being sponsored by a Chaos Cult, and the Red Purge began. Rooting out the Cultists in the rad-washed lowlands was hellish work, and it left its mark on Nate. Afterwards, Nate mustered out, and caught the first ship leaving Red Watch.

Nate knows a lot about mutants, more than might be healthy. He knows they aren’t born evil, but that they are perfect vessels for it, just waiting for the Archenemy to make a nest in their souls. He doesn’t hate mutants… but he will put them down without hesitation or remorse, if needs be. Nate does hate Chaos, and those madmen who worship its power. Killing mutants is business, killing Chaos is a pleasure and a blessing from the Emperor.

Nate’s an odd duck, often muttering to himself or rambling on about this or that. He’s usually cheerful, even when he’s hip deep in sludge in some lower-deck sump, or skinning a fresh mutant kill. Exposure to chemicals and wastes has left him with a smell that never quite goes away, but he doesn’t seem to notice it.

Nathanael "Nate" Sutter

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