Sofia Exitosus

Heretech Tech Priestess


Player: REH

Home World Birthright Motivation Career Path Current Career:
Forge World Stubjack Renown Explorator Rank 1

Weapon Skill – 41
Ballistic Skill – 42
Strength – 41
Toughness – 45
Agility – 40
Intelligence – 50
Perception – 37
Willpower – 40
Fellowship – 30

Wounds – 10
Total XP – 5000
Spent XP – 5000
Lift Weight – 112 kg
Carry Weight – 56 kg
Push Weight – 225 kg
Full Move – 8
Half Move – 4
Charge – 12
Run – 16
Jump – 4
Leap – 0.8

Corruption Points – 3
Corruption Degree – Pure
Malignancies -

Insanity Points – 3
Insanity Degree – Stable
Disorders -


  • Credo Omnissiah
  • Stranger to the Cult
  • Dark Visionary
  • Against all Odds
  • Ill-starred
  • Mechanicus Implants


  • Technical Knock
  • QuickDraw
  • Dark Soul
  • Air of Authority
  • Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Logis Implants
  • Autosaguine


Skill Name Basic Trained +10 +20 Stat
Acrobatics Ag
Awareness X X Per
Barter X Fel
Blather Fel
Carouse X Tou
Charm X Fel
Chem-Use Int
Ciphers† Int
Climb X Str
Commerce Fel
Command X Fel
Common Lore† Int
..Tech X X
..Machine Cult X X
Concealment X Ag
Contortionist X Ag
Deceive X Fel
Demolition Int
Disguise X Fel
Dodge X Ag
Drive† Ag
Evaluate X Int
Forbidden Lore† Int
..Archeotech X X
..Adeptus Machanicus X
Gamble X Int
Inquiry X Fel
Interrogation Wil
Intimidate X X Str
Invocation Wil
Literacy X Int
Logic X X Int
Medicae Int
Navigation† Int
Performer† Fel
Pilot† Ag
Psyniscience Per
Scholastic Lore† Int
Scrutiny X Per
Search X Per
Secret Tongue† Int
Security Ag
Shadowing Ag
Silent Move X Ag
Sleight of Hand Ag
Speak Language† Int
,,,Explorator Binary x
..Low Gothic X
..Technas-Lingua X
Survival X Int
Swim X Str
Tech-Use† X X Int
Tracking Int
Trade† Int
..Technomat X
Wrangling Int



Sofia was bon on a Forge World and joined the Machine Cult early in life. As an acolyte, she was seconded to a mercenary company, Kepler’s Raiders, and saw a lot of combat. The mercs came across some archeotech as part of their plunder and took it aboard their ship. While she was examining it, the strange artifact revealed snippets of ancient knowledge to Sofia, at the same time ripping the ship apart. Sofia barley made to an escape pod and was blasted clear; the artifact being lost to the void. After being rescued, Sofia believed the master of Mars where not ready for her new insight (heresy)and started to look for work with a Rogue Trader, hoping to find more ancient lore.

Sofia Exitosus

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