Servo Skull

Ws Bs S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
15 15 10 20 30 15 35 20 ––

Movement: — Wounds: 4
Skills: Awareness (Per ) +10, Concealment (Ag) +10, Dodge(Ag), Silent Move (Ag) +10, Search (Per) +20.
Talents: Fearless. Traits: Dark Sight, Flier 6, Machine (2), Size (Puny). Armor (Machine): All 2.
Gear: Inbuilt vox, cogitator, auspex and lumen globe.

Servo-skulls are human skulls (often that of a favored servant or low ranking tech-priest) that have been fitted with rudimentary artificial intelligence, support systems, and an anti-grav motor to provide mobility. Their advantages are their small size and maneuverability, which allows them to enter otherwise inaccessible spaces or hazardous areas that would endanger their operators, as well as the ability to act as additional ‘eyes and ears’ for their masters.


Sofia Exitosus Servitor skull


Flying Dutchman Campaign rehafer