The King's Gambit

Flagship of the Kaiser Dynasty


Ambition-class Cruiser

  • 4.9kg long, 2km abeam at fins
  • 89,000 crew complement
  • Speed: 6, Maneuverability: +12
  • Detection: +20, Turret Rating: 2
  • Shields: 2, Armor: 17
  • Hull Integrity: 64 (The framework on which a star ship is constructed, a hull, more than anything else, defines a star ship. This is also one of the few Components that cannot be upgraded)
  • Space Available: 75, Space Used: 67, Space Remaining: 8
  • * Power Available: 75, Power Used: 63, Power Remaining: 12
  • Crew Rating: 102, Morale Rating: 103

Essential Components

  • Modified Jovian-Pattern Class 4 Drive (+75 Power, 10 Space, 0 SP, +1 Speed) Gigantic edifices of almost incomprehensible technology, plasma drives take up immense amounts of space within a star ship’s hull. Without one, a star ship is little better than a cold, drifting tomb. The STC standard drive for cruiser-grade warships.
  • Strelov 2 Warp Engine (12 Power, 12 Space) The vast majority of star ships are consigned to toil through space at speeds much slower than light. They have the unenviable choice of remaining trapped within a single star system, or spending centuries traveling to even the closest suns. The warp drive provide a shortcut, allowing a vessel to enter the terrifying realm known as the immaterium. If a ship can survive here, it can reach destinations within weeks or months instead of years—essential for a Rogue Trader.
  • Gellar Field (1 Power, 0 Space) Though a void shield protects a starship in space, it is of no use against the nightmarish inhabitants of the warp. For that, a warp-capable ship requires a Geller Field. This technology has existed since long before the Age of Strife, and creates a bubble of normalcy in that realm of chaos, and makes sure its creatures stay outside the hull.
  • Multiple Void Shield Array (7 Power, 2 Space) Void shields create barriers of energy around a starship. The weaker versions on transports exist mainly to defect celestial debris, while a military vessel’s void shield is strong enough to absorb incoming fire. Twin, multiple-layered void shields. Provides 2 Void Shields.
  • Ship Master’s Bridge (4 Power, 3 Space, +5 Pilot & Navigation by bridge crew, +10 BS to shipboard weapons) Just like every body must have a head, every starship must have a bridge. Here, from his command-pulpit, the captain directs his vessel and the actions of his thousands of crew. Here also are the advanced cogitators that direct the ship’s targeting systems, sensors, and other systems. The bridge of a ship of the line is designed with one goal in mind—winning battles.
  • Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer (5 Power, 3 Space) Without the pumps, bellows, and filters of the life-sustainer, the air of a starship would soon be toxic fog, and the water, undrinkable sludge. Life-sustainers purify the ship’s atmosphere and recycle waste to produce clean water. This life sustainer is of STC origins, and is in common use in the Calixis Sector.
  • Voidsmen Quarters (2 Power, 4 Space) Even the smallest transports require thousands of crew-members to operate. Many are menial laborers press-ganged from the depths of hives, others are skilled void-men trained to operate a star-ship many systems. Regardless, they all require a place to live, be it a moldy bunk or well-appointed cabin. This is a Standard living quarters for the voidsmen of a long-distance trader.
  • Mark 201.b Auger Array (5 Power, +5 Detection) Sight is of little use when dealing with the vast distances of the void. Auspexes, grav-detectors, and auger arrays can spy the refected light from a tumbling asteroid—or heat from an enemy vessel—thousands or even millions of kilometers away. More advanced sensors can even spot the warp-wake of a vessel traversing the Immaterium. This is A modified version of the Imperial Navy’s standard sensor array, with boosted wide band gain.

Supplemental Components

  • Arboretum (2 Power, 2 Space, 1 SP, +2 Crew Population) Only the richest ship masters can afford to devote so much space and resources to growing gardens aboard their vessel. A small area of it has been blocked off and is guarded by 2 members of the ship security force. A large door leading to it has a crudely written sign that reads “Pink-skins, Kept Out or getz stompped un!”
  • Barracks (2 Power, 4 Space, 2 SP, +100 Military) For a truly enterprising Rogue Trader, a war is just another business venture. These barracks allow him to attempt just that—by filling his ship with thousands of troops.
  • Compartmentalized Cargo Hold (2 Power, 5 Space, 1 SP, +100 Trade) Cargo holds have been installed across the ship, spread out to minimize their effect on the vessel’s handling.
  • Temple Shrine to the God Emperor (1 Power, 1 Space, 1 SP, +3 Morale, +100 Creed)
  • Warp Sextant (4 Power, 1 Space, 2 SP, +20 to various Warp navigation checks) This massive submersion tank enhances a Navigator’s ability to safely sense the ebb and flow of the warp outside of the vessel. A broad spectrum of sensors measures the intensities and currents in the warp outside of the starship. This information is then relayed safely to the Navigator so that it can be more easily analyses and addressed. The Sextant’s array of cogitators further aids the Navigator in identifying known routes and calculating their current stability.

Weapons (1 Prow slot, 2 Port slots, 2 Starboard slots)

  • 4x Mars Pattern Macro-Cannon Broadsides (16 Power, 20 Space, 4 SP, 2 Port, 2 Starboard) 6 Strength, 1d10+2 damage, 5 crit rating, 6 range (The baseline starship weapons, macro-batteries are ranks of large cannons or other weapons, destroying their targets through volume of fire)

Complications & Past History

  • Planet-Bound for Millennia (3 SP, -2 Hull, free Modified Drive, access to 1 archaeo-tech component, +10 maneuver when within 5 VU of a planet)

The King's Gambit

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