“A lamp of fervour shines upon the white gate
Not held by the greatest saint to mark the way
But hung alone to banish enfolding shadows
That beset the Emperor’s true servant upon the fated path”

– Translated from the prophetic verses of Abenicus

The light of Furibundus marks the far side of the Great Warp Storms and the beginning of the Koronus Expanse. It is a huge and primal stellar mass, far brighter and more energetic than any star should be. Its fres rage so fercely that the cataclysmic energies unleashed within cause vast bulges of burning plasma to distend Furibundus’s form, writhing as though immense beasts fght within. The outer envelope constantly tears and ripples, throwing off huge faming masses into the near voids. Furibundus is surrounded by shells of remnant gas expanding outward, each a remnant of the star’s outermost layers.

The Imperial presence around Furibundus clusters in two locations: the stonework void-settlement of Footfall, and the Adeptus Mechanicus temple of Altar-Templum-Calixis-Ext-17. Footfall’s ornate, tethered structures orbit at suffcient distance from the star to be safe from the lethal ribbons of solar plasma, and for void-ships to operate with little impediment. Further inwards, close to the primal roar of Furibundus, there is a planet set in a frantic orbit and blasted to molten rock over and again by its proximity to the bloated star. The only way it can be seen is by the shadow it casts on the movement of plasma-ribbons. This is Altar-Templum-Calixis-Ext-17, and it is here that the Mechanicus hide a heavily shielded fortress-temple, within which Tech-Priests study the secrets of this furious star.




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