Flying Dutchman Campaign

Adventure 001 - Vaults of the Forgotten

“There are places in the Dominion where even old Winterscale himself dared not tread. Sure, his Writ of Claim said he could, but he didn’t. Maybe you’d be best to follow his example, friend”

– Cold Trader Mad Kal (retired)

For many centuries, the curious, the avaricious, and the downright foolish have been drawn to the deathly worlds of the Egarian Dominion to seek their fortunes amongst the ruins of a long-dead civilisation. Though no more than a handful have ever returned, untold numbers make the perilous journey each year. Some seek the dubious fortunes of the Cold Trade or forbidden lore, while some seek communion with powers long extinct from the galaxy.

That did not happen. The Kings Gambit returned just as planned. It reentered the system as planned. It approached the planet in silence. No vox signals were responded too. It docked in the families birth at the orbital station without error. The maneuvering was flawless. All tethers and docking clasps were fastened, but still no signal from within. Only silence. Like the silence of a tomb.

The ship sat sealed.

During the next several months, the Kaiser Clan began to frantically hire a new crew. All of you were contacted to interview for key positions. A new mysterious Captain is brought in to Command the vessel and train the Kaiser’s daughter until she can command. A great deal of the once vast Kaiser fortune is depleted to make these arrangements in so short a time, but the ship remained sealed. Sealed as if waiting. Waiting for something, or maybe someone.


One by one each of the new Command crew were interviewed, and hired to fill their post with the understanding that they could be fired by the Captain or the Owenrs representative, Katherine Kaiser at anytime for any reason if they felt it necessary.

Exploring the King’s Gambit

Once the crew is assembled and ready, a breaching team is hired and travels with them up toward the Gambit, which is docked in the permanent birth the family owes on the orbital station above the planet.

The breach team sits disusing the best way to breach, when a docking port extends from the vehicles midsection docking tether extends. “it’s like its welcoming us in.” Jade the leader of the Captains new bodyguards says.

The first day is spent walking from an empty cargo bay to the ships engine room and finally starting toward the bridge. The night is spent in long abandoned crew quarters. The next morning they finish the hike. They find the bridge in the same condition the only thing out of the normal is they find the previous Captains ring on the arm of the command chair. As soon as the new Captain places it on, every system starts n the ship.

Final Briefing.

On the evening before launch Lady Kaiser invites the Captain and Crew to her home for a going away dinner. Once finished they bare all served a remarkable brandy that has recently been brought back by another trader in the families fleet. She raises her glass and says;

“To all of you. May your voyage be smooth, profitable and other wise uneventful.” And with that she drinks, and continues; “Now I won’t lie to you. Our house has been on a hard slide for the last year. Our coffers are virtually empty. It has cost me a ship of our fleet, so I didn’t loose everything. So this voyage needs to turn a vast profit or in the year I will be making arrangements to sell the writ & the Gambit. The money we get for those will keep myself, my daughter and most likely her children well off for all our lives, but I will give you the year to prove to me that you can crew the Gambit and be profitable. I do have your first lead for you. One of our agents on Port Warder. I believe his name is in the ship cogitator. He will note when you arrive at Port Warder. On the following day at noon, he will meet you in the local peasants market. He says he has a very profitable lead for the family. He’s been sending messages for the last two months trying to find out when the King was coming through, but alas I could not tell him. His last message set up the terms I just relayed to you. So….For the next year get out there and earn, earn, earn. Drop off your profits at ur warehouse on Port Warder. Other smaller ships will pick it up from there and take it to where it will make us the best profit. But after the year return here and new contracts will be writen up, if I feel you have done a good enough job to continue using the Gambit, or possibly a change in Captain. Well only time will tell us that. So good voyages, and good night.



Morbius Umbra’s Log:
Finally, my genius has been recognized! I have been recruited to serve as first officer aboard on Rogue Trader. The crew is new and un-tried; perfect for me to mold to my vision. The captain will become my proxy to gather wealth and power across to the Galaxy. The house Kaiser wil grow in stature, all to my grandiose purpose. Soon all of Mankind will fear and respect the name of Morbius Umbra


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